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1612 -First European sets foot in Manitoba. Capt. Thomas Button winters 2 ships at Port Nelson, near the mouths of the Nelson and Hayes Rivers

For 250 years the Hayes River and the Middle Track were the routes into north central North America (Ruperts Land) the fiefdom of the Hudsons Bay Company.

With the arrival of the railway at Minneapolis in 1870 the decline began for this major traffic route and it has reverted to a wilderness area.

Hayes River Trips of Note

1690 - 1692 Henry Kelsey

1715 William Stewart & Thanadelthur

1715  172 Canoes of Cree, Assiniboine, Hidatsa, Bloods, Blackfoot, Mandans,   & Sarcee (heavy trade for years)

1721 Henry Kelsey reported large numbers of canoes coming into York Factory

1730 1754  Decline in traffic due to competition from North West Company

1754 Anthony Henday

1757 - 1771 Increase in trade on the Hayes

1772 - 1776 Matthew Cocking

1774 - 1775 Samuel Hearne

1786 - 1793 David Thompson

1811 -1814 Miles Macdonell and tyhe Scottish immigrants

1815 Robert Semple & 100 Highlanders

1819 Sir John Franklin

1821 Peter Rindisbacher to the Red River Settlement

1827 David Douglas

1843 Lieut. John Henry Lefroy - from Montreal to York Factory

1846 Major J. Crofton

1851 Commander Pullen

1868 Rev. Egerton Ryerson Young

1878 Robert Bell

1883 Rev. Joseph Lofthouse

1888 Franklin Remington

1889 Bishop John Horden

1895 & 1899 Bishop Newnham

1890's Arther Heming

1900 Edward A. Preble




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