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Friday, July 14th

Leave for Thompson

Saturday, July 15th

Start at Sea River Falls and paddle down the East Channel of the Nelson River to Carpenter's Lake then on to the High Rock. Note the the current can be dangerous coming into the lake.

Blackwater Creek drains Hairy Lake into the east channel. The lake is  shallow and overgrown with bulrushes.

Sunday, July 16th

Join the Echimamish River at the east end of Hairy Lake.  Echimamish is a Cree name for "Water flowing both ways". The channel goes through willow patches requiring lifts over beaver dams and rocks. At the Painted Stone Portage the waters on the east flow to the Hayes and Hudson Bay and on the west side back to the Nelson.

Monday, July 17th

Painted Stone Portage is 50 paces over low flat rock 10 meters in diameter. There is an old story about an alter like rock near the centre of this lonely stone platform at which, every year figures were painted and offerings deposited. As the lust for trading grew, the river became a main freight route and the passage was cleared at this venerated spot to allow of easier movement of outgoing furs and incoming merchandise.

Tuesday, July 18th

A stream comes in from Molson Lake. Then you reach the Grassy and narrow stream at the height of land between Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay.

After Robinson Lake is White or Robinson Falls with the longest portage of the trip 1800 paces. The tramway built to carry the York boats is still visible.

Wednesday, July 19th

There are a few sets of rapids before arriving at Hill Gates. Here you pass through steep rock cuts to Logan Lake.

Opiminegoka Lake is shallow and reedy. The channel is wide with low banks. The sooth stream stretches to 300 yards wide.

Thursday, July 20th

Windy Lake lives up to its name and is often turbulent. The following rapids require a few short partages. Moore Rapids portage is 55 paces.

Friday, July 21st

The Wipanipanis Lower Falls is a treacherous area prior to Oxford Lake. The lake is known for having deep holes. Oxford House was the first post built in 1798 midway between York Factory and Nelson House.

Saturday, July 22th - Sunday, July 23rd

Past Oxford house are a number of sets or rapids. Knife Rapids are named after the slate like fragments of sharp rock in the river bed.

Monday, July 24th

Creek Falls portage is 60 paces.

Trout Falls is a 3 meter drop between two rocks. A 45 pace portage.

Tuesday, July 25th

This part of the Hayes is referred to as Trout River leading into Knee Lake.

Wednesday, July 26th

About half a mile from the bend on knee there is a small rocky island composed of magnetic iron ore. This affects the magnetic needle of a compass for 300 yards.

Thursday, July 27th

From Swampy Lake to Knee Lake the river is often referred to as Little Jack River.

There are a number of sets of rapids with short portages.

Friday, July 28th

Swampy Lake House was built in 1816 as a depot of four buildings.

Saturday, July 29th

Sail Island was so named by the freighter coming up river, having finally finished a long stretch of difficult water here they would stop to relax a little and if a sympathetic wind was blowing, a sail was hoisted.

Sunday, July 30th

Ground Water Creek rapids.

Devils launching Place

Second Rapids

First Rapids

Smooth Rock Rapids

Swampy Rapids

Mossy Rapids

Upper Burntwood Rapids

Monday, July 31th

The Brassy Hills are many cone shaped hills, from the highest 36 lakes can be seen.

Morgans Rock rapids

Lower Burntwood rapids

Brassey Rapids

Point of the Rocks rapids

White Mud rapids

Borthwick rapids

Tuesday, August 1st

Rock rapids - In 1794 Rock House was built at the junction of White Mud Creek and the Hayes River.

Wednesday, August 2nd

From the mouth of the Fox River to Swampy Lake the Hayes was known as Hill River.

Just before the Fox River the high clay banks reminded one of the Selkirk Settles coming up river in 1812 of the Chalk Cliffs of Dover.

Thursday, August 3rd

The forks of the Hayes and the Gods was "La Grande Fourche". From here to the Fox the river was known as the Steel River. The forks is the likely place that Radisson met with a group of Indians on his up river journey in 1683; he convinced them to come down river and to trade at the ship. There is a good camping spot further back from the point, a steep climb, that can be better reached from the Hayes side.

Friday, August 4th

The cliffs down river from the Gods can be treacherous. Franklin mentions a group of Indians whose party was buried by a collapsing wall.

Saturday, August 5th

At Ten Shilling Creek the Dobbs Galley and the California wintered in 1747. The expedition went on searching for the NorthWest Passage.

Sunday, August 6th

Return from York Factory

Monday, August 7th

Return from Thompson to Winnipeg

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